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Calcium salts from the manufacturer

Calcium is one of the most common elements in the Earth's crust. It is subject to continuous change. Just as there is a global water or carbon cycle, there is also a calcium cycle that spans the globe, comprising assimilation by microorganisms, deposition as stone, weathering, dissolution and renewed assimilation.

Calcium is also of key physiological importance. Bones and teeth consist of calcium compounds, and countless neuronal and biochemical processes are based on calcium.

A calcium-rich diet is therefore essential. As a manufacturer of calcium salts, we can make an important contribution in this respect. We offer numerous calcium salts in various grades for the fortification of foodstuffs. We provide specialist application-based support in the development and implementation of concepts and processes, tailored to suit your desired end product, such as calcium-enriched dairy products.

Nutritional supplements frequently contain a calcium salt to ensure an adequate intake. For this application, we develop and manufacture a diverse range of calcium compounds with different physical parameters, which, for example, enable salts to be pressed to form tablets packaged in sachets in the form of free-flowing granules, or dissolved and processed in shots.

Our calcium salts are also used in pharmaceutical applications, in infusion solutions, as an antacid, for urological use or in dietetic foods for special medical purposes. We produce in accordance with various pharmacopoeias and to customer specification if required. We also produce especially low-endotoxin grades.

In cosmetics, our calcium compounds are used as buffers, humectants and preservatives.

Industrial applications draw particular benefit from the opportunities offered by particle engineering, which enables us to vary parameters such as the bulk density, particle size and solubility of our salts.

For instance as a result of this, plastics are stabilized by means of specifically adapted calcium compounds, for instance. Furthermore, calcium salts are applied in the production of lubricants.

The matrix below provides an overview of our calcium salts.

Nutritional Supplements
Personal Care
Industrial Applications