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Ceramics and glass

Metal salts have been used in the production of ceramics and glass for millennia. They are traditionally employed as glazing and coloring agents. However, the addition of metal salts can also control the material properties of glass and ceramics.

We offer magnesium and calcium salts of high purity for the production of glass, ceramics, glass ceramics and special technical ceramics, such as frits. Depending on requirements and the customer's specification, we can produce mixtures with a precisely defined composition and fixed proportions of carbonates, oxalates, citrates and other anions.

We also offer suitable products for the production of visually high-quality special glass containing coloring metals in a controlled, low ppm range. Moreover, our range includes special magnesium precursors for sapphire glass.

Colored frits and enamels can be achieved with our coloring iron and copper compounds and in customized grades on request.