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Construction chemicals

From the very broad-ranging field of construction chemical additives, we offer a group of metal salts that are used as hardening retarders and accelerators in cement and plaster-based systems. Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG Lohtragon® hardening accelerators and retarders can be used in plaster, grout, adhesives, and joining and filling compounds.

Typically binders containing Portland cement, such as lime/cement plasters, require a hardening accelerator, to treat surfaces as quickly as possible after their application. This substance is usually applied mechanically. On the construction site, the ready-mixed components are stored in silos and water is added to them for the application process. Two process stages are following: First of all, the product is applied to the substrate; followed by subsequent smoothing taking place.

The hardened surface can be treated without accelerators, but only following a waiting time of many hours. Lohtragon® accelerators shorten the hardening time and by this cerate a considerably more cost efficient work process. They can even be used for work in low outside temperatures.

Our products are suitable for solid mixtures to which water is added prior to application. All of our halogen-free additives are characterized by theit Special grain size compatible with the generally very fine binder components of plaster and cement, effectively preventing segregation.

We offer lithium-free versions, enabling Lohtragon® to be used as a substitute for lithium carbonate in quick-setting fillers. Our formulas yield the same or optimized mechanical properties as products containing Lithium.Our recipes can also optimize the amount of aluminates required.

Gypsum-based systems generally require retarders. The hardening time of non-retarded gypsum generally lasts just a few minutes, making careful processing virtually impossible. For this purpose, we offer a selection of fine-grain products compatible with gypsum, such as Lohtragon® 36V, Lohtragon® SCI and Lohtragon® CA.