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Iron salts from the manufacturer

Dietary supplements containing iron were the first products to be manufactured by company founder Dr. Paul Lohmann® at the turn of the 20th century. The base material used was iron powder, which was obtained by the process of reducing iron oxide with hydrogen. Back then, "ferrum oxydatum cum Saccharo" (iron sugar) and iron peptonate, for example, were available from pharmacies in the form of powdery iron salts, tablets or juice. Todays core Areas of our Expertise is the production of iron salts in a huge variety of grades and purities, applied in the fortification of foodstuffs, for nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical and many other products.

We produce in accordance with various pharmacopoeias and offer a range of iron salts in appropriate pharmaceutical grades as supplements to treat iron deficiency anemia. In addition, we are manufacturers of special, exceptionally low-endotoxin products for injection and infusion.

For the extremely complex nutritional supplement market, we offer iron salts with outstanding bioavailability in a wide range of different forms. Products that are readily soluble or can be microencapsulated or directly pressed into tablets offer manufacturers diverse options for responding to their consumers' needs.

The fortification of food and beverages with iron is a special focus of our work. Attractive ingredients in this field of application are for instance ferrous mineral salts, such as iron(II) gluconate, iron(II) lactate, ferrous sulfate or ferrous bisglycinate, due to their especially good bioavailability.

Our iron salts are also in demand for industrial applications, as water-soluble, environmentally friendly precipitating agents for hydrogen sulphide for work with acids or alkalis. Ferrous sulphate is used for the pre-treatment of aluminum before paint spraying in airplane and automotive construction, iron phosphate for natural pest control or in the production of electrode material for lithium batteries.

The matrix below provides an overview of our iron salts.

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Industrial Applications