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Food for infants and young children

Infant nutrition

Infants are children less than 12 months old, while young children denote children aged between one and three2. Both age Groups require special foods fortified with various minerals. Essential Minerals are calcium and iron due to their importance for growth.

Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013 sets out the definitions of food for infants and young children, and also regulates the approval of individual minerals in certain foods. The Regulation differentiates between infant formula and follow-on formula. Furthermore, food for young children is divided into the categories of processed cereal-based food and other supplementary food not based on cereals or dairy2.

Minerals added to food intended for young children are subject to very particular purity criteria. In addition to all EU Regulations governing E numbers for all food additives, the following EU Regulations stipulate maximum quantities for heavy metals and aluminum.

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 231/2012 establishes the maximum limits for aluminum in calcium phosphates as 80 – 150 ppm for use in food for infants and young children. Using special production techniques, we can produce the various calcium phosphates with a maximum limit of 30 ppm of aluminum, far below the statutory requirements.

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1881/2006 lays down the approved maximum limits for lead, cadmium and tin in processed infant formula and follow-on formula, and in processed cereal-based food. The stipulated maximum limits vary depending on the type of food and the form in which it is sold. We are able to monitor further contaminants and numerous microbiological parameters and also examine them in our labs.

The minimum and approved maximum content of minerals in infant and follow-on formula is regulated by EU Directive 1999/21/EC3.

As a manufacturer and developer of mineral salts, we also provide individual grades tailor-made to customer specifications.

We recommend the following approved mineral salts from our product range for the fortification of infant formula, follow-on formula and processed cereal-based food: