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Potassium salts from the manufacturer

Potassium is primarily obtained in the form of potash through mining. Its extensive deposits are the remains of fossil seas from millions of years ago.

Potassium is of exceptional physiological significant. In the transmittion of signals through the nervous system, and for muscle contraction it plays a major role. In particular, for the contraction of the heart muscle potassium is indispensable.

A sufficient dietary intake of potassium indirectly helps to maintain strong and healthy bones. Here, organic potassium salts act as vital buffer, preventing bone degradation caused by metabolic acids.

The regulation of blood pressure is another effect of potassium that is vital to life. Studies show that a slightly increased uptake of potassium has a positive effect on blood pressure and therefore reduces the risk of stroke.

Many types of fruit contain potassium salts. Nutritional supplements containing potassium, or potassium-enriched foods are another important means of ensuring a diet rich in potassium.

As a manufacturer of potassium salts, we offer suitable products for a broad range of applications. For pharmaceutical and medicinal purposes, we can produce in accordance with various pharmacopoeias, and offer especially low-endotoxin grades.

Our potassium salts are also available in different food grades. Together with our customers, we work to find solutions in the design of an end product and the realization of product concepts.

Besides above mentioned applications our potassium salts are, for example, employed in cosmetics as pain inhibitors in oral hygiene products.

In industrial applications, our potassium compounds are used for metal stabilization in electroplating, as low-temperature heat exchangers, and in the production of polyurethane insulating foam.

The matrix below provides an overview of our potassium salts.

Nutritional Supplements
Personal Care
Industrial Applications