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Magnesium salts from the manufacturer

Magnesium is embedded in the Earth's crust predominantly in the form of carbonate, silicate, chloride and sulfate, and is of outstanding importance to living nature.

We are only now slowly beginning to fully comprehend the physiology and chemistry of magnesium in terms of its diverse functions. It is involved in several hundred enzymatic reactions in the body, is a vital constituent of bones and teeth, and is essential for nerve conduction in the central nervous system. Although the bulk element Magnesium has long been the object of research, new areas are constantly being discovered in the spectrum of its efficacy. These include, for example, its role in the treatment of depression or its long-underestimated importance for good bone health in old age.

A diet sufficiently rich in magnesium is therefore extremely important, especially in the later years of age. As a manufacturer of magnesium salts we are able to make a vital contribution to the prevention of magnesium deficiency. We supply magnesium in a variety of compounds for a vast range of applications, both, as an additive in foods and an ingredient in nutritional supplements.

In the field of medicine, our magnesium salts are employed in infusion solutions, as antacids or laxatives. In the production of pharmaceutical products, especially tablets, magnesium salts are used as anti-caking and film-forming agents, and carriers. As the manufacturer of numerous pharmaceutical grades, we also produce magnesium salts to customer specifications.

In cosmetics, magnesium salts are for example often used as excipients, functioning as bulking agent or as viscosity regulator.

In our production of magnesium salts for industrial applications, we are able to vary miscellaneous physical parameters, such as bulk density or particle size. In one application magnesium carboxylates can be used to modify the antistatic properties of polyester films, to change the adhesion of plastics in glass/plastic compounds, and as carriers of liquids or anti-caking agents in solids.

The matrix below provides an overview of our magnesium salts.

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