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Tailor-made mineral salts for innovative applications

As a specialist in tailor-made mineral salts, in our work we think about far more than just the actual production of a substance. Even before we start synthesizing our salts in the lab, we lend careful consideration to our customers' requirements and the end product in which our mineral salt is to be used. On this basis, we design a product with specific chemical and physical properties using first-class minerals. In this process, the mineral salt is subjected to extensive tests to verify its suitability for processing by the customer, and is then scaled up to pilot scale until it is ultimately ready for production.

It is important to us to create a product in consistently high quality, but also a comprehensive concept for its use. In this respect, our service extends far beyond development, production and delivery – we continually help our customers to optimize their products.

We have core expertise both in the production and analysis of mineral salts. We use an extensive arsenal of instruments to design and monitor the chemistry and physical properties of our products. We use the following for our quality control (e.g.):

Our research and development labs use the following (e.g.):

The aim is both to develop new products from lab scale to industrial production scale, and to further develop existing products and adapt them to the needs of changing markets.