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Microencapsulated Minerals for high Performance and Stability

Food and food ingredients are often very sensitive products. They should be protected against several physical influences like heat, moisture, or light as well as against undesired interactions of ingredients. Microencapsulation with an inert coating material can help to avoid negative effects by protecting the core material from the surrounding environment. Used coating materials are sustainable produced palm oil. In addition, microencapsulation has excellent taste masking properties and leads to less irritation of the digestive System.

New development within this product group are sunflower or rape seed oil coatings.

We can offer the following products:

  • Copper(II) Gluconate
  • Copper(II) Sulfate
  • Ferrous Fumarate
  • Ferric Pyrophosphate
  • Ferrous Sulfate
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Manganese(II) Sulfate
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Zinc Oxide

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