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Mineral Salts – Indispensable in Vaccines

Vaccination with injection

Mineral Salts are an indispensable part of vaccines as they stabilize the antigen during processing, storage and application. Indeed, Mineral Salts fulfill several technological functions such as acting as buffers, pH adjusters, adjuvants, chelating agents and stabilizers.

Dr. Paul Lohmann® offers a wide range of highly pure Mineral Salts with Low in Endotoxins and, on request, low mRNase content. As a German manufacturer, Dr. Paul Lohmann® guarantees a high level of transparency and security along the entire supply chain. All products are manufactured under the strictest quality requirements and meet the common monographs EP and USP, further monographs on request. In order to meet your needs, Dr. Paul Lohmann® offers individual packaging and cost-effective, flexible and customized blends and salt solutions.

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