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Vital Immune System in the Days of SARS-CoV-2

The maintenance of the immune system is gaining more importance within the last weeks and months. Nutrition plays an important role relating to this topic. A sufficient supply with micronutrients is essential for health and wellbeing. Even minor deficiencies in some micronutrients may lead to a decreased immune response. Some Minerals are known in particular to support the immune system. Zinc is one of the most famous Minerals for the human health besides Iron, Copper and Selenium.

Common cold starts with an infection with rhinoviruses. This kind of virus accounts for 30 % to 50 %, in autumn even up to 80 % of all upper respiratory infections. Corona viruses cause 10 % to 15 % of upper respiratory infections.

Zinc shortens the duration of a common cold effectively when administered within an early period of the illness, approx. 24 hours after the onset of symptoms. Taking Zinc containing food supplements should be continued until symptoms resolve. Zinc is well described for its anti-microbial effect, which is of importance for pneumonia resulting from bacterial super infection of the lungs after viral infection. Moreover, there are studies indicating anti-viral properties of Zinc. By acting as a competitive inhibitor Zinc prevents rhinoviruses to enter into the upper respiratory tract.   

The right choice of the Zinc compound is of particular importance. Free Zn2+ Ions have a better effectiveness compared to insoluble Zinc Salts. The ionic availability of Zinc is a challenge in the product development process. Most of the soluble Zinc Salts have a metallic and astringent taste. Taste masking and flavoring may influence the performance of Zinc.

Zinc Ascorbate by Dr. Paul Lohmann® as a fully reacted mineral is the perfect combination of two major players for the immune system: Zinc and Vitamine C. It is a free-flowing powder with a good solubility in water. Another positive effect is the pleasant taste of this high value Mineral Salt.

Further highly suitable and recommended Zinc Salts are Zinc Gluconate, Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Acetate and Zinc Bisglycinate. Zinc Bisglycinate contains the amino acid glycine and is characterized by its excellent bioavailability.



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