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Mineral salts in nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements play an increasingly important role in the industrialized nations. Growing awareness of health, the vital function of a healthy, sporty and active lifestyle and, last but not least, demographic change affecting many layers of society and involving far-reaching changes, mean that practically all social classes frequently turn to food supplements.

What are food supplements?

What are food supplements?

Directive No. 2002/46/EC defines food supplements more

Market trends for food supplements

In the modern information society, in particular, constantly growing more

Health claims

Food supplements are generally available over the counter and are advertized to the consumer more


In order to ensure the constant high purity of food supplements, more

Approved minerals

The following minerals are approved for the following health conditions, according to the Health Claims Regulation7: more

Dosage forms

A wealth of different forms of dosage are available to suit consumers' more

Product modifications and excipients

In order to ensure that minerals are processed and administered in the best possible way, more


We supply trace elements as triturations, in which the mineral salt is diluted in more