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Petrochemical industry

Crude oil can contain a large proportion of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is toxic and extremely corrosive in contact with water. The combustion product sulfur dioxide is equally aggressive and harmful to health. Therefore, for health and environmental protection and for economic reasons, hydrogen sulfide quickly has to be removed from crude oil and natural gas, not just during fossil fuel extraction, but also in biogas plants.

This can be achieved with the aid of organic, water-soluble iron salts. In this process, the iron reacts with the hydrogen sulfide to form insoluble iron sulfide as precipitation.

The advantage of using organic, water-soluble iron salts is their rapid reaction, because all important reaction components are already dissolved in the water that is used as the solvent. Another benefit of the dissolved anions is their readily biodegradation making it part of natural organisms. The resulting precipitated iron sulfide sludge is harmless, because iron sulfide is a naturally occurring mineral and can be disposed of without any problems in a sewage plant if required.

We produce liquid iron reagents with very high iron contents for direct dosage, for the desulfurization of crude oil and natural gas. These dramatically simplify the processing of oil and gas, and with the very limited space conditions of offshore rigs, in particular, it is advantageous that the precipitant does not have to be added in a separate station before processing. These products have been formulated in such a way that they can also be used in alkaline media for transport or preparation for transport, without the formation of hydrogels that raise viscosity. The latter reduces the reaction speed and increases the necessary pumping capacity.

Another application of metal salts in the petrochemical industry is the use of alkali formates for the breakdown of clathrates as inert thermodynamic inhibitors in natural gas and crude oil extraction. Here, too, we have prioritized ease of handling by the user, and offer ready-mixed aqueous solutions of Potassium Formate.

The formate is fully biodegradable and halogen-free, which is vital in the choice of materials for the plants. Our metal salts for the petrochemical industry are precisely chemically defined. No "problem substances" are introduced into the Environment and the heavy metal content of our products can be specified with extreme precision.