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Product design and particle size engineering

First and foremost, we make use of the Modular Chemical System ("MCS"), with which we combine anions and cations to create our mineral salts. But we also modify the chemical and physical parameters of our products in manifold ways.

We are able to combine a certain metal cation with a great number of different anions. In this way, we can tailor mineral salts to specific, individual needs. The effective component – the cation – remains the same; the properties of the compound are determined by the anion.

Chemical and physical product modification

Increasing the concentration

We are able to increase the mineral content of an end product both for technical applications and for use in food and nutritional supplements. more


We granulate our mineral salts to improve their product characteristics for further processing by our customers. more

Directly compressible granules

We offer directly compressible (DC) granules for the production of normal and effervescent tablets without prior wet granulation. more


Another form of physical product modification is micronization. We can mill our products to achieve very fine particle sizes down to 2 µm (d50). more


Encapsulated minerals are separated from their environment at particle level by a capsule made of vegetable fat. more

Bulk density

We can adapt our products' bulk density to produce a mineral salt with an optimum more


In our triturations, the salts of various trace elements such as selenium, copper and molybdenum are homogeneously distributed in carriers more


The parameters that we can adapt and vary include dissolution in water and increased solubility more

Purity grades

In addition to the standard quality grades that conform to international pharmacopoeias or European and international food legislation more

Low-endotoxin grades

Endotoxins are released when bacteria die and can trigger fever, for example. Even minute quantities of endotoxins can provoke reactions of this nature. more

Low heavy metal grades

Special foods1 for infants and young children are fortified with a variety of minerals to promote optimum growth and age-appropriate development. more

High-purity technical grades

The special feature of our technical grades, in particular, is the high constancy of their chemical properties. more