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The term "savory" covers foods with a salty or spicy flavor. Examples in this category are savory baked goods, savory snacks, highly flavored convenience foods, meat and sausage products, and also vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes.

On the one hand, salt is one of the oldest and most important food additives. On the other hand, it constitutes an increasingly severe health risk in our modern society. Today, the quantity of salt globally consumed daily is up to 50 times higher than the amount the human body is able to metabolize11, 12.

The consequences on health of habitually excessive salt consumption include high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and eye damage11, 13. Therefore, even back in 2006 the WHO demanded a global reduction in individual salt consumption to less than 5 g per day 14.

Savory LomaSalt

The "savory" product segment offers major opportunities for sodium reduction. Salt plays an important part in the manufacture of many products because of the taste factor. Marinated fish products, salami, various cheeses such as feta (in brine), pretzels and fermented tinned or jarred vegetables such as gherkins all contain large quantities of salt. With our LomaSalt® product range, we can help to considerably reduce consumers' sodium intake.

In addition to our excisting product range, enabling sodium reduction by 50 % or even 100 %, we are also happy to develop individual concepts and products for this application. In this context, Regulation (EU) No. 1924/2006 – the "Health Claims Regulation" – regulates nutritional claims of "reduced sodium" and "reduced salt" on end products15.