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Zinksalze vom Hersteller

Zinc salts from the manufacturer

For a long time, zinc salts were far less popular than the shiny, pale silvery metal on which they are based. When zinc first became known in our society back in the 17th century as an alloying metal for gold and silver-colored metal alloys, its name was derived from the German word "Zinken" meaning "prongs", because of the pointed, sometimes star-shaped polygons into which it crystallized. But zinc is an exceptionally versatile element in terms of its organic and inorganic compounds.

In the human body, zinc is involved in more than 300 different enzymatic reactions. It is involved in tasks as diverse as breaking down alcohol, vision and spermatogenesis. The Body can overcome colds much quicker if it has an adequate intake of zinc salts. Therefore, a sufficient and above all continuous supply of zinc is indispensable, as zinc can only be stored in the organism to a limited extent.

That is why many nutritional supplements contain a zinc salt. The demand for zinc-fortified food and beverages is on the rise, as consumers become increasingly health-aware. As a manufacturer with a large and diverse portfolio of zinc salts, we can respond to this demand. We offer suitable zinc compounds in user-friendly formats, for both, liquid or solid administration, which includes shots and sachets, for example.

Furthermore, zinc supports the immune system and is therefore also used in pharmaceutical applications. We offer numerous zinc salts in different grades for the field, in accordance with several pharmacopoeias.

In area covering cosmetics or technical processes, we are also able to provide a broad range of zinc salts. Their antimicrobial characteristics are put to use in the cosmetics industry, in oral hygiene and skincare products. In industrial applications, for example, the corrosion of crockery is suppressed by adding zinc salts to dishwasher detergents and the solid lubricant properties of specific zinc compounds are used to prevent soluble metal compounds from caking.

We are of course happy to assist our customers by providing the necessary advice and help with the development of concepts and processes.

The matrix below provides an overview of our zinc salts.

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Personal Care
Industrial Applications